Jessica’s 2 year old pictures

I love these. And I love this girl.


10 thoughts on “Jessica’s 2 year old pictures

  1. Ahhh, these are so so adorable!!! She looks so sweet. What a beautiful sweet baby girl.

    Also did you color your hair?? Either way it looks good! I can't wait to see more!

  2. Please keep sending more pictures! She is so cute! I love the way you part her hair and clip it to the side. They grow up way to fast, Huh?

  3. Ritchie- I am sure she has you wrapped around her little finger. You are in trouble. How could you possible say no to anything she asks for?

    Lindsay- She is as beautiful as you are. She looks sooo much like you did.

    Dear Old Dad

  4. I know I already told you this on the webcam, but oh-my-gosh these are too cute. I love them. And I love your hair too, lookin' good girl, lookin' good.

  5. So cute! When are you going to send us one! The one on my fridge is from when she was about 2 months old! I agree with your Dad, I think she looks like you did at that age!

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