"Mommy, I dot somepin a show ya!"

I hear this a lot but on this particular day (last Saturday), I was not nearly as wary as I should’ve been.  We were getting ready to leave for a showing of “Bacon Bits, a parody of the Three Little Pigs” at the library when Jess came downstairs looking like this:

Yes folks, that’s purple sharpie all over her.  Her explanation went like this “Yook, Mom!  I dot a martuh out and put it on my yegs.”  Yes, yes, you did. You can’t tell from this picture (which was taken after we got home from the library) but she was actually very careful with the Sharpie.  It was all over her legs, feet, soles, arms and hands but there were only a few faint traces on her clothing.  After inspecting J, I hurriedly ran upstairs not quite sure what I would find (her last incident resulted in an exploded blue paint pen pooling on the carpet) but there was no purple sharpie anywhere else.  She had been very careful to avoid the carpet, walls, computer, toys, etc.  It was just on her body.  At the library we were met with a variety of reactions.  There were laughs, knowing looks, and kids who, in their awed tattle tale voices blurted out “She colored on her-” before they were shushed by their mothers.  When we got home, she had a granola bar (and discovered that “Santa!” is actually the one who is pictured on the Quaker Oats granola bar wrappers) and Ritchie tried in earnest to get the Sharpie off of her, using all manner of tricks-water, hand sanitizer, sunscreen, but when we went to the local rodeo that night, our sweet 2 year old still had purple legs and arms.  (Sidenote: We’ve since been informed that “Off” is the solvent of choice when it comes to removing Sharpie Body Art).  I couldn’t tell for sure, but Jess seemed pretty nonchalant about all the attention she was receiving for her antics.  Who knows, maybe she was just hiding her satisfaction. Oh, Jessie girl.  It’s a good thing you’re so cute.
Jessie and “Dah-e-o”

7 thoughts on “"Mommy, I dot somepin a show ya!"

  1. Lol, I had forgotten about hearing that story, so glad I got the photo to go along with it. What a character! I'm just happy she was so careful with the marker that all she decorated was herself. Love the picture of her and her Dah-e-o!

  2. Hahaha! Oh my gosh. You were brave for taking her to the library like that! I probably would have worried what people thought. But I'm glad you took her, it sounds like it gave lots of people a good laugh. I love it. She is so cute, I'm so excited for August! And Ritchie's really workin' that hat…

  3. My oh My! Have you hidden the markers in a very safe place? She seems to have a guilty look and also a look of sadness while sitting on that chair. She is so darn cute!

  4. It makes you wonder, “What was she thinking…Here is a marker, I will draw on my legs…” Cute picture of Jessie and her Dah-e-o. Aren't those the hats from Guatemala? Can't wait to see you all!

  5. oh this is excellent. that's lucky that she only got her skin even if you did have a hard time getting it off. Caden got a hold of sharpies at my moms house and now they have a nice abstract mural all over the wall. But I am going to keep in mind that Off gets it off, I might need to remember that sometime…

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