Oh boy…this girl is 2.

Jess loves dippin’ in Ranch

Me: Jess, what do you think about going potty on the potty? 
Jess: No fanks Mom, sorry, maybe nes kime.  (No Thanks mom, maybe next time).  And if I press her with different thoughts about underwear, etc it she gets a little more anxious and hurried in her answer but it’s always the same.

A little pool fun with Aunt Shugee

Jess: I no yike you Mom, go way

She’s creative, that’s for sure.  Don’t mind my bra there….

Jess (as Daddy hands her to me from the top of the peach-picking ladder): Mommy, here a your baby one!  (I always call her my baby one and I made up a song about it.  You know me :))

Trying out Mommy’s new shoes

Jess: I reaee wan ride Starlite Mom! (I really want to ride Starlite Mom!  From Rainbow Brite.  When I suggest her rocking horse as a possible substitute she’s not a big fan).

Just doin’ a bit of vintage shopping Mom…

She will not let me trim her toenails or finger nails, do, or even comb her hair, and we fight everyday and night about brushing teeth and flossing.  Anybody have any creative ideas for this madness?

Mexican Train into the wee hours of the morning on my birthday. Left to Right, Whitney, me, Cindi, Kendee

Oh, and also.  She’s been nursing approximately twice an hour for the past 2 weeks.  Today I was dehydrated.  This is a stage and I’m tying a knot at the end of my rope and hanging on.


4 thoughts on “Oh boy…this girl is 2.

  1. Hahah, gotta looove these crazy two year olds. Those things she's saying crack me up, like “maybe next time”. Oh my goodness she is delicious. Glad you had fun playing with some gal pals on your birthday, and fun with Ash, jealous! I will see you soon though, we're so excited!

  2. PS And you are a trooper for still nursing her, if she's doing it that often she obviously still loves it and wants to do it…dang, 2 hours. That's what I do!

  3. That girl cracks me up! I love the things she says… At least she's a good communicator. 🙂 ok, and I forgot about “I no yike you mom, go away” and that gave me a good laugh again. We need to make a visit to the cliff soon.

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