Quiet Sunday

“Goup Hug”

  I’m just sitting here at the computer while Jess and Ritchie are napping.  I wrestled Jess during Sacrament Meeting today while she made an attempt to pay attention to all her little friends in the Primary Program.  When she got bored, she tried climbing under the pew, squeezing around the side of the pew and just plain walking out of the pew.  When she eluded me, she wandered just outside our row to show her slinky to our little friend Capri in the seat in front of us.  She walked back to her little buddy Henry’s row, plopped herself down on the floor and just sat grinning with him for a while in the middle of the aisle.  At one point she was lying on her tummy, knees bent, ankles waving, with her little chin propped up in her hands, just smiling away at him.  She wore a pretty fall (hand-me-down) dress today with a full skirt.  Her string of pearls lasted through the opening song.  Her little half-pigtails had a lot of body since we did them in the parking lot well after her hair had dried.  On the way to church, she had taken great pains to explain to her rather confused parents that she had neglected to bring her “sparky rich.”  Once she added “purple” I realized she was dismayed that she’d forgotten the sparkly purple witch costume that she is contemplating wearing for Halloween.  Perhaps I need to do a better job of explaining Halloween and Trunk-or-Treat.
  After her mom encouraged her to help a screaming boy get acclimated to nursery, she decided she didn’t want to stay so she joined me teaching Sunday School.  She can be pretty shy so she sat in the corner on the floor (which, thankfully was scorpion-free, unlike the last time I taught) and hid behind the chairs.  She only asked once to go to her class and we eventually did, after my teaching assignment was over.  We spent the last hour in nursery where I tried to be nondescript and also encourage positive social interactions.  I only had to pull her climby-climberson little self off of the tabletop twice.  She was anxious to collect her “dawing” and find her daddy at the end of class.
  When we got home, she had dropped her picture and wanted to retrieve it from under the seat.  “Can I do it all by mys-elf?”  After contorting her small little body to fit halfway under the passenger seat she exclaimed “Whoa, dat was tricky!”  She is ALL about doing things all by herself.  She asks the same way every time with a cute little inflection in her voice.  She wanted to watch “one moofee then I take a nap” so she watched a few Curious Georges while we ate lunch then we read This Rabbit Belongs to Emily Brown while she nursed and fell asleep.  I slid her into a sleeping position on “Gama’s bed,” tucked her little self under her blanket, smooched her sweet cheek with an “I love you baby one, mommy loves you” and slipped out.  Have a good nap, sweet girl.

“Mom, I rea-ee miss my cuh-sins.  Mom, I want Efee Beansir”

4 thoughts on “Quiet Sunday

  1. Thanks for blogging!! She is oh-so-cute and tricky too. I am so glad I could spend more time with her last weekend because now I can picture her doing all of these things. I'd love to see the purple sparky rich costume. That sounds exciting!

  2. So good to be reading your new blog!! I can see that she keeps you all on your toes! What a cute picture of those two little girls!! It would have been fun to be a fly on the wall while all of you were together and just watch all of the antics of those little ones.

  3. Oh man, that group hug picture was making me homesick for all of you. I can just hear Jessie calling for one and then giggling. Love that girl! Thanks for sharing her day with us. Can't wait to see that purple costume…if she decides to wear it that is…decisions, decisions.

  4. Ah! I love that picture. Evie kept asking where Jessa went and then I think she gave up hope after a few days and just started asking if we were going to the “hair-port” whenever we got into the car. She's probably hoping to fly off to visit on of her fun cousins or aunts. She is a tornado of a talker, it cracks me up. I keep picturing her running at full speed while looking up at the sky and laughing out loud. Hahaha, that cute girl.

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