So Jessica discovered “Jake and the Neverland Pirates” on the Disney channel and she really likes it.  We had to have a little discussion about not emulating Captain Hook but she’ll go around saying things like “Capin Hook’s a seeky sook!”  (Captain Hook is a sneaky snook!, a quote from one of the pirates).  And last night we had imaginary “poconuts” (coconuts) falling down our stairs.  Daddy had to watch out as he was coming up because they were hitting him.  Then as she was trying to not brush her teeth she started singing a song about strawberries and poconuts to the tune of “Once there was a snowman.”  She was yelling to “Sista Millah Mommy” in the “microphone” again too.  Tonight she just laughed and laughed while we tickled her, she tickled us and we all took turns hiding.  The highlight of our day was probably when she threw her shoe in the toilet at the Middle School.  Ritchie is disinfecting it now.  I love that girl.

8 Comments on “Poconuts

  1. Love it! She is a wild child that one! I love it, she is so cute, and her hair is looking so much longer!

  2. Haha! That girl, she's running circles around you two. I just wanna squeeze her.

  3. Silly girl! She looks to big in this picture, although adorable. Can't wait to play tickle and hide and seek with her soon.

  4. I think she looks like a little Lindsay sitting on that bale of hay. She says the funniest things!

  5. That is HILARIOUS! She is seriously so funny. I loved talking on the phone with her the other day.

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