Change and Heaven

I believe that all true things originate from the same Place.  If these ideas about change are true, then it would follow that Deity has an understanding of them that far exceeds my own.  If the Savior has a thorough, working knowledge of human nature, which I believe He does especially given His condescension, I would imagine that His work would reflect these principles as He helps us effect spiritual change.  Since all I have is my own understanding to work with, we’ll have to go from there.  In light of that, I’d like to consider these ideas one more time, from the perspective of Heaven and our souls…

1. Free spirits don’t usually change because someone tells them to, they change because they they want to.   In terms of interactions with Heaven, relationships evolve and grow and necessarily entail change but often souls are more willing to change to preserve/strengthen relationships with the Savior rather than to fulfill an edict.

2. Souls are more inclined to change when they feel valued, have resources accessible to them and are given the space and time to choose a course of action.

3.  Lasting change occurs when spirits internalize principles they learn by experimenting with the resources they’ve invested themselves in.

4.  The process of genuine spiritual change can be agonizingly, excruciatingly, and beautifully slow.

What do you think?  Does this ring true to you?  If so, does it change the way you think the Savior views you?


6 thoughts on “Change and Heaven

  1. I really get these points. I think number three is especially true. We can read about principles all day but until we actually put them to work we have no idea what kind of change they will really create in our lives or how our lives will improve.

  2. Thanks for your thoughts Ash. I agree, it takes some bravery to make attempts without an assurance of outcome but ultimately it’s the only way to make progress huh?

  3. There is a 3rd part to the process. First we learn something then we make a change or act (which is what I think you are trying to discuss here, but third b/c of the new knowledge and experience gained by acting we become someone new, someone better.
    Elder David A Bednar said
    “As disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ, our individual responsibility is to learn what we should learn, to live as we know we should live, and to become what the Master would have us become. These three fundamental and interrelated gospel imperatives—learning, acting, and becoming—are central to our spiritual development and happiness in mortality and our progress throughout eternity” (Act in Doctrine, Spiritual patterns for turning from self to the savior, preface pg1, 2012 published by Deseret Book Co)
    Happiness and progression come from who we become as we learn and make choices to change.

  4. Your words definitely ring true, Lindsay. I love #2 when you write: “souls are more inclined to change…”. I think truly unconditional love is at the heart of all of this. As my kids are getting older, I’m realizing that giving them space to make mistakes and learn from “experimenting” (#3) sometimes triggers fears in me. It’s humbling to realize that really I don’t have “true control” over my children. They are separate entities. No outcomes are guaranteed. I have had to exercise increased trust in the power of the Atonement….if they mess up, it’s really okay. Grace is real, and they will have access to God’s forgiveness and my love no matter what paths they end up going down throughout their lives. (That being said, I have been extremely fortunate with the choices they’ve made so far…but I fully realize that life is messy, and there have been/will be mistakes as they continue to progress.) Hope you have a lovely weekend. I’d love to catch up sometime soon.

  5. Anne Marie, thanks for your perspective. Sometimes the realization of how little control I actually have over my sweet little one makes me want to hyperventilate. At the same time, it’s true, helping her navigate learning to make choices helps me understand how lovingly heaven looks at me and my choices. I would love to hear more about your experiences with this.

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