Goodness not Guilt: The Puppy

On Saturday, we welcomed a fluffy red-haired, four-legged soul into our family.  We love her sweet little dark eyed face and we’re getting to know her better.  For instance, apparently she sleeps much better with a nightlight.  Who knew a $2.50 blue light could buy me 7 straight hours of whine-free sleep!?  As we’ve been transitioning, I’ve faced some struggles.  Less with the puppy and more with my personal capacity for patience.  As I’ve tried to train our nipping puppy with the help of my preschool baby, I’ve been forced to remind myself that transitions take time.  It takes time to acquaint oneself with the personality of someone/something else.  And as loving as we are, it takes time for trust to develop.  And when you transition, relationships shift and move and it takes time for the dust to settle.  So instead of saying “I am just not patient enough for this” I am trying to say “I can be really impatient sometimes and I’m learning.”  Why is it so hard to see oneself as a work in progress?


4 thoughts on “Goodness not Guilt: The Puppy

  1. I think that last question is a really interesting question. And I think I vacillate between admitting all of the time that “I am working on this!” and then feeling like I don’t want to be the person who says she’s working on it and I want to just be figured out. Anyway, the funny thing about animals is that I usually have more patience with them than I do with people! I think it’s because they are less complicated and, especially with dogs, I assume they always mean well.

  2. But then again…I don’t have a dog of course, only two cats =) So good luck and I can’t wait to come and smooch that fluffy dog and her little preschool sidekick. I’m sure you guys are doing really well with her!

  3. Haha, I need you at my house. I’ve been feeling the opposite, like I have very little understanding for this creature and I know my communication is off but I don’t know how to fix it. Ah well. We’ll see. I have said the same thing to myself, like I could work on something forever, sometimes I feel the need to be a bit more driven. I think vacillating is a good word for it. It’s a fuzzy line.

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