Knitting Hearts

knitheartsHave you ever knit before?  I’ve attempted it on multiple occasions and more often than not, my efforts are rather clumsy.  Holding the two needles just so, gently transferring the yarn, it takes time to get into a rhythm.  I have seen knitting done with fluid motion and beautiful outcome, and perhaps someday my knitting creativity will be that smooth.  For now, as I practice, I still have to focus on very basic things like keeping the yarn from getting twisted up and holding both needles properly.

The other day when I read Mosiah 18, one of my favorite chapters in the Book of Mormon, I was struck by Alma’s choice of words in verses 21-22.  The scripture doesn’t say “put together” or “bound together” but instead talks about having hearts that are knit together which denotes a more patient and intentional work; a work which respects the agency of the participants.   And after reading this talk, I began to wonder who is actually doing the knitting.  Sometimes unity in a relationship or group seems like such a lofty and impossible prospect but I think maybe having a willing heart, or serving as pliable yarn, goes a long way.  So often I think the Lord is asking us for a willingness to be a part of something larger than ourselves.  Sometimes I hesitate because of my perceived weakness or clumsy attempts at obedience or my inability to see how simple things are tied to grand outcomes.  But more often than not, I think He’s asking for faith and some patience as He creates beauty with our efforts.  And someday, when we are privy to a view more far-reaching than our current one, I hope we can stand back and see how we have been deftly knit together with skill that far surpasses our own.




2 thoughts on “Knitting Hearts

  1. I feel like God knit our hearts Lindsay! I miss you guys so much. I miss our conversations and genuine friendship. I know we’re still friends, but I really miss being right next door and learning so much from you. Your knitting skills may not be as sharp as your other crafty skills, but God is definitely knitting something and using you as his tool!!!

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