A re-introduction

These past nine months have been a ride.  I think it’s what my parents would call an E-ticket, the kind of ride you wait in long lines for and surrender tremendous value in order to experience.  As I’ve tried to patiently work with this body that, at times, seems bent on deterioration, I’ve grappled with some startling realities and examined some long-held beliefs.  I’ve swallowed my fair share of judgment, waded through many a difficult conversation and seen glimpses of divinity in some unexpected places.  I’m still holding on for dear life but I think I might be ready to articulate a few of the things I’ve been noticing along the way. 


Want to ride with me?

With love,



9 thoughts on “A re-introduction

  1. I’ll always go for a ride with you! I’ve been thinking about you all week and wanting to call, but it’s been busy around here. Erin came home from her last day of school yesterday and they gave her a scrapbook. In the back of that scrapbook were things about Erin. Fast forward to the line that asks who her Best Friend is…Jessy (That’s how the teacher spelled it). Still almost a year later and her heart still is filled with Jessie!

  2. I will join you as well!!! Let’s take the ride together as we continue to discover what this life has to offer us along the way 🙂 It gets a little bumpy but the thrill of discovering the beauty around the bend is worth a few pot holes.

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