Parented by Heaven

Last week I watched the beautiful daughter of one of my dearest friends.  This sweet little thing has been a gift in my life in so many ways so our family was enthusiastic to welcome her into our fold for several days.  Throughout the week, I watched her closely for any signs of missing her parents, feeling distress at the separation or other indicators that she may be questioning her well-being.  But her darling smiles and happy play made it clear that she was comfortable in our home.  During one of our evening conversations, I expressed to my friend that her parenting must’ve instilled in her daughter a trust that she would be well-cared for, listened to and watched over because she expected as much from us and received it without batting an eye.  I found so much beauty in the work that had been done to assure this child that she was cherished and important because I recognize that represents a lot of intentional parenting.

Several days later I was relating this story to another friend as we watched this same babe jump with enthusiasm into our neighborhood pool.  She mentioned that it was an interesting observation to consider given the scriptural admonition to “become as a child.”   My usual interpretation of that scripture leaves me feeling a bit powerless and desperate to cultivate that kind of “submissive humility” that seems to be desired by the author.   As I looked at it with fresh eyes, though, I felt the beauty of that new meaning wash over me.  Perhaps that’s what divine parenting can look like, a simple trust and regard built over time with experiences and mutual exchanges, to the point that eventually the mortal child can rest assured that heaven hasn’t forgotten him/her, despite physical and sometimes spiritual distance.  Remembering that the Savior is the same yesterday, today and forever, and knowing Him to love me dearly and care for me exquisitely at times in my life, this interpretation didn’t seem so far off.


4 thoughts on “Parented by Heaven

  1. You are such an example to me of what Christ like love looks like. Thank you for sharing yourself. Love you, and miss you! 🙂

  2. I really like that. I watched a Mormon Message yesterday called earthly father heavenly father (something like that) and your post reminded me of it.

  3. I loved these thoughts. I think there is so much to this. He is in fact perfect, so His parenting is perfect and intentional right? I wonder if the difference for us as we grow from a small child is just our ability to trust so freely and feel so secure naturally can’t help but waiver with the realities and complexness of life. If He is the same, then we are the variable in the relationship. Then it stands to reason that the power lies in us to cultivate such a rewarding relationship with Him. Notice I didn’t say responsibility. And thank you for caring for my precious one. You are dear to her and all of us. You did a beautiful job caring for her distressed mother also. Thank you for caring so much. We’re blessed to have you in our life.

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