Practicing Compassionate Patience

Since last fall our household has been navigating a substantial disappointment.  In the aftermath of our experience, amidst the agony of confusion, self-doubt, and just plain hurt, I feel unsettled about my ability to trust myself and anyone else, including God.  As I acquaint myself with this rift that has torn my spirituality to shreds, I comfort my soul with the assurance that there is no animosity directed at me.  There is no condescension or judgement aimed my way and this moment I speak of didn’t represent a “lesson” or a “trial” that I had to endure.  Rather, it’s an experience and it will be what I make it of it.  And it doesn’t have to be all sorted out right now.  I believe someday I will I look back on this stretch of my life and really respect the substantial work that I’m attempting to do in settling my spirit so that it can begin to heal.  Even now, with a small amount of space, a bit more heartbreak and further introspection, I can sometimes see these months as maybe as a prodding, a gentle nudge.  It’s surprising, even to me, that moments have the potential to move from ‘near death blow’ status to ‘gentle nudge’ in the space of a few months.  In addition to simple time, I think a lot of that has to do with not berating myself or forcing meaning but rather trying to wait compassionately with an eye towards recognizing the hand of God while the rest of my story unfolds.



3 thoughts on “Practicing Compassionate Patience

  1. So, I’ve started reading that “Real Happiness” book that you told me about. I’ve tried meditating a few times so far, and then just practiced letting go of thoughts as they come periodically throughout my day. Doing this has brought me to the huge realization of how many negative thoughts I direct toward myself; how much criticism and self doubt I throw my own way on a daily basis. I didn’t recognize this before, and I didn’t realize how much it impacted my ability to cope with hard times. When I read your comment about not berating yourself, I could relate to that idea, and how being more kind to ourselves actually helps us to see more clearly our own divine path.

  2. I love that Lis-thanks. Yes, it’s so interesting that gentleness with ourselves is such a hurdle sometimes. I look forward to hearing more of your thoughts on Real Happiness!

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