Experience Joy

Each day we breathe we’re invited to increase our capacity for experiencing life, for really living.  We can choose to use our experiences to support this goal of being vibrantly and fully alive.  Many times we notice this invitation when we feel sadness, grief, guilt or sorrow.  We may shy away from these experiences or cover the emotions and avoid processing them because they are uncomfortable.   In the thick of a challenging moment it can be soothing to remember that you are simultaneously deepinging your channels for feeling joy and peace.   So navigate your way through struggle with as much grace and support as you can access and then look for the deeper joy and peace that are now inherently yours as well.


Introducing Lindsay 2.0

Jungle Ziplining @ Tikal, Guatemala

Here at Extending Understanding we’re excited to bring you an upgraded authoring system which will power this blog in new and dynamic ways.  Though the previous version had some great functionality, it was brought to our attention through a series of crashes that there were substantial bug-fixes necessary.  After years of in-depth research, we built some lines of code which strengthened the resilience and streamlined the overall development of the soul of the site while maintaining the integrity of everything you loved about Lindsay 1.0.  Some long-planned upgrades in insight, efficiency, adventure and communication made it into this revision which will elevate the content and authenticity of the site and enable it to work seamlessly with the RJM platform.   Should you have any feedback regarding this new system or suggestions for features you’d like to see included in the future, please submit your comments below.

With love,

Lindsay 2.0