Beholding His Glory

Moses, a man who had a storied relationship with God, was once offered a view of His work and His glory.  Until recently, whenever God has shown someone a vision of His creations and all of His works, I’ve imagined it as some sort of humbling history lesson which progressed in marginally boring fashion.  As in, Heavenly Father saying “Look at all the things I’ve created, look at all these people, and these people, and these people.”   Click, click, click.  And then whoever is experiencing the vision usually says “Wow, that’s profound, I realize I’m actually quite small and maybe even nothing compared to everything you’ve ever made.”  But what if they’re talking about more than that?  What if those moments of heavenly perspective, had by Moses, Nephi, and others, illustrated not just our existence but our connections to each other?  What if they had the chance to glimpse the way the Savior can help us weave our free-wheeling selves back to Him by loving and helping each other?  What if what they saw were the moments we live that we humbly say “I had no part in making that come about,” the times when we are part of  an experience that simply could not originate with us?  Those are the moments when I reel back with awe, praise,  and completely unforced humility at the grandeur before me, similar to what they describe.  Can you imagine witnessing all of those moments throughout all time?  I love the idea that His work is to help us help each other back to Him.  All it takes is willing participants.


A moment

I was thinking about Moses today. Rest assured I will be making very few comparisons between myself and Moses but tonight I felt a kinship with him for a few moments. You see, I want to write about the Savior. I want to share what I know of Him and I want to understand Him better (that’s where you come in). And there is something very daunting about being a simple mama from Texas and wanting to write about Jesus Christ. And yet, I have seen His hand in my life in remarkable ways and if there is anything that I know of Him that might help you know Him better I would happily serve it up to you. Just know that all of my imperfections and insecurities will accompany the main course.

But back to Moses. He has a moment when He and the Lord are working out Moses’ job description. Now that I think about it, it’s the type of moment that occurs a number of times in the scriptures. Moses realizes what the Lord is asking Him to do and he is nervous, scared, and completely humbled by the magnitude of the task at hand. The Lord offers Moses some very poignant signs to help boost his faith a bit, but it seems like Moses still ends up feeling overwhelmed. And who can blame him? How do you acquaint other people with a Being you’re barely able to comprehend yourself? And how do you even begin to share His grace with others when you require so much of it? At this point, Moses points out some of the different weaknesses that he has. I wonder, in those moments, what was going on in his head? Was he just thinking aloud or did he really anticipate the Lord disqualifying him from the work. Did he assume the Lord would say “Oh, you’re right, I forgot about that slow of speech business, I’ll get someone else for this job.” Or did Moses think that his discomfort with vulnerability would be a just cause for releasing him from service? Did he think Heaven would say “Oh, you know, you’re right, people not agreeing with you, people laughing at you, that’s not something I want you to go through, don’t worry about it.” No. What He did was remind Moses, pointedly, of the Power that he was dealing with and He offered Moses the opportunity to see that Power extended further into his life. He offered Moses, His child, the chance to become more closely acquainted with the goodness that is God. And of course, Moses eventually accepted the invitation. And far from meaning a life of ease and plenty, the path that Moses undertook in that moment changed him in challenging and incredible ways. So, like him, I’m going to attempt something that seems beyond my reach and I’m going to have faith that I will not be about this work alone.

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